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Cambridge Pavers Manufacturing Facility

  • ClientsCambridge Pavers, Inc.
  • CategoriesIndustrial, Manufacturing

Project Description

CLIENT: Cambridge Pavers, Inc.
ENGINEER: RT Consulting & Design
LOCATION: South Amboy, NJ

Cambridge Pavers is the premium manufacturer of paving stones, wall systems, backyard patios and outdoor living solutions. As a rapidly growing company with a high demand for their products, Cambridge had a critical need to increase their manufacturing capacity. This would require constructing a new 50,000 sf facility capable of mass production. The new facility would have three main areas: Batching; Production; & Kiln and would house state-of-the-art paving stone manufacturing equipment. The equipment is massive in size with 80’ tall silos, conveyors, mixers, batching equipment, racking, etc. The building to house all of this equipment would need to have multiple units, different roof elevations plus a 3-hour fire that is 45’ high and 159’ long separating the Production and Kiln areas. Cambridge Paver’s engineer, RT Consulting and Engineering had previous experience with Butler Buildings and Fenton Construction from a past project. Fenton’s project team worked closely with the project engineer to work out the many unique requirements and details of the different building units that would house all the manufacturing equipment. Some of these details included: framing and flashing around three 80’ tall silos that extended 30’ above our 50’ tall building; installing the pre-cast concrete firewall between the Production and Kiln buildings. Also because of the size of some the equipment, this equipment had to be installed first and the Butler Building was constructed around the equipment. On October 26, 2018 hundreds of people and vendors attended a grand opening celebration of the new facility. Tours of the facility were given throughout the day. When asked what some of the main contributing factors that made the project such a success, Fenton’s VP of Business Development, Carl Lunde, had this to say, “It was all of the pre-planning. The client’s engineer was phenomenal. There was excellent coordination with the structural engineer and Butler’s engineers which entailed hours of phone conversations, multiple meetings to through all the details, along with the structural engineer’s coordination with manufacturing equipment vendors and installers.”

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