Dayton Business Park

  • ClientsBMI Educational Services, Inc.
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Project Description

CLIENT: BMI Educational Services, Inc.
ARCHITECT: Alfred R. Trevino Architects
LOCATION: Cranbury, NJ

With the economy on the rise and the demand for commercial warehouse space increasing, Jerry & Russ Wagner of BMI Educational Services, Inc. were looking to take advantage of the land available to them. Sitting on 12 acres in Cranbury, NJ and already being landlords themselves, Russ & Jerry saw an opportunity to expand their portfolio and provide a niche market for some much-needed commercial warehouse space in the 3,000-5,000 sq. ft. range. They turned to Carl Lunde, VP of Business Development at Fenton Construction, who they had formed a good working relationship with over the past several years. After careful work together in the design, planning, and budgeting phase of construction, a four-phase construction project for a 150,000 sq. ft. business park was planned. Making up the structures would be pre-cast concrete wall panels, conventional steel, and a TPO roof. One of the unique challenges of the project was that there was extensive sitework involved. A single detention basin existed for the layout of 12 acres. This needed to be expanded greatly to accommodate for the warehouse facilities. In addition, pre-existing fields needed to be excavated and an existing building along with several trees needed to be taken down. Fast forward 7 months of construction and phase 1 of beautiful Dayton Business Park is completed with 75% occupied within first six months of completion. A great success! Among some of the unique features of the facility is ground-floor access for easy accessibility and four loading docks as well as a common men’s and women’s bathroom. Fenton Construction looks forward to continued success with BMI Educational Services and starting phase 2 in the next couple months to come.

Note: Interested in leasing space? Contact Russell Wagner, BMI Educational Services Inc. at 732.329.6991.

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