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Hillsborough Tennis Plus

  • ClientsAD-in Development, LLC
  • CategoriesSports & Recreation

Project Description

This client found themselves with a growing tennis teaching business, but were having trouble getting adequate court-time for their students. Having their own building was the solution...a modern facility that they could turn to anytime for their students and would particularly be available during the winter season. However, they didn't want just a tennis facility, but a multi-sports facility to accommodate for other sports growing in popularity in the area like volleyball, batminton, and table tennis.

With Fenton Construction continuing to be known for building premier sports facilities, the client chose Fenton Construction to install the foundations and furnish and erect this 26,000+ sq ft tennis facility. The clients chose a Butler Pre-engineered Metal Building system and an MR-24 standing seam roof system for their facility. Located right in Hillsborough, NJ, this building is equipped with three indoor tennis courts, fitness center, weight station, offices, locker rooms, a second floor overlook, and much much more.

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