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Project Description

Fenton Construction Co., Inc. as General Contractor completed the Leland C. Stanford, LLC project in the summer of 2013. This 16,000-sq.-ft. building was built with steel provided by Butler Manufacturing Company. The oddly shaped, 5-unit building presented unique challenges throughout the building process, none of which presented a problem that couldn’t be solved.

“To take a vacant piece of the Earth’s crust and transform it into a purposeful environment for humans to work in and interact is a special talent, certainly one that Fenton Construction specializes at, indeed. The combined experience and the deth of your team brought a project to life, one that I envisioned many years ago. We felt that your team took the reins and did not let go until the very end when the project was actually complete. Thank you so much for your daily com mitment to the details, many of which were unforeseen. We will certainly entrust our next project with Fenton.”

Leland Stanford, Owner, Leland C. Stanford, LLC

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