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The Jersey 34 Tennis Club

Consulting Engineer: John T. Dalessio P.E.

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Project Description

Fenton furnished and installed new Butler MR-24 (HPMOM high profile metal over metal) re-roof system with 3” (R11) of insulation over top of the existing screw-down roof panels. This system gives a long term, low maintenance, weather tight solution with a 25 Year Roof Finish Warranty that also increases the energy efficiency of the building due to the added layer of insulation. The Butler HPMOM re-roof system was installed from above the roof, and did not interfere with the tennis operations in full swing below. No drawings of the building existed, so using the services of Dalessio Engineering, they performed a survey and analysis of the existing members of the building to determine the structural capacity of the steel frame and secondary framing members, which will carry the additional wight of the Butler HPMOM re-roof system. The project also included new gutters, trims, and leaders as well as a new standing seam metal roof on a 15’ x 29’ entry canopy and 660 sq. ft. of snow guard along the eaves. Building size was 40,000-sq.-ft.

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